Uma Chetry Networth and Biography & Success Story

Assam Cricketer Uma Chetry Networth and Bioghaphy & Success Story


Uma Chetry becomes first cricketer from Assam to be selected for Indian national team

Uma Chetry Bioghaphy

Full Name Uma Chetry
Nick Name  Uma
Date Of Birth July 27, 2002
Nationality Indian
Religion Hinduism
Profession Cricket Indian Women Team
Batting Style Right Hand 
Playing as Wicket Keeper
Jersy No 55
NetWorth 50 Lakhs (approx)


“Uma Chetry Makes History: Assam’s Cricket Prodigy Shines in Indian Women’s National Team”

Uma Chetry Networth


Uma Chetry, a promising young cricketer hailing from the vibrant state of Assam, India, has recently etched her name into the annals of cricketing history by achieving a groundbreaking feat. She has become the first cricketer from Assam to earn a coveted spot in the prestigious Indian Women’s National Cricket Team, a remarkable accomplishment that has stirred excitement and pride in the cricketing community.

Uma’s journey to national recognition has been paved with noteworthy achievements and exceptional skills. Her selection for both the T20 and ODI squads for the upcoming tour of Bangladesh marks a pivotal moment in her burgeoning career. This dual inclusion speaks volumes about her versatile cricketing abilities and underscores the confidence that the selectors have placed in her.

The spotlight on Uma intensified with her standout performances as a key player in the India A team. This talented ensemble recently clinched victory in the fiercely contested Asia Emerging Cricket Tournament. Uma’s contributions in this tournament were nothing short of stellar, with her prowess evident in both batting and wicketkeeping. Her multifaceted skills played a crucial role in securing triumph for the India A team, further solidifying her reputation as a rising star in the world of women’s cricket.

Subhadeep Ghosh, a seasoned cricketing expert and former Ranji player hailing from Assam, who also serves as the women’s team fielding coach, lauded Uma Chetry as a fearless player. This recognition from a cricketing veteran underscores not only Uma’s talent but also her tenacity and fearlessness on the field. Her inclusion in the national squad is not merely a personal triumph but also a significant milestone for cricket in Assam, symbolizing the region’s growing impact on the national stage.

The joyous occasion of Uma’s achievement was met with warm applause from the political sphere as well. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma took to social media, particularly Twitter, to extend his heartfelt congratulations to Uma. The Chief Minister expressed immense pride in witnessing the breakthrough moment, heralding Uma as the pioneer representing Assam in the Indian Women’s National Cricket Team. His public acknowledgment not only celebrated Uma’s success but also highlighted the historical significance of this moment for Assam’s cricketing landscape.

Chief Minister Sarma went a step further, offering his wholehearted support to Uma and the entire team as they embark on their forthcoming tour to Bangladesh. His well-wishes for success on the field resonated not only as a gesture of goodwill but also as a testament to the broader support and encouragement that the state extends to its emerging cricketing talents.

In the heartwarming narrative of Uma Chetry, we find the embodiment of a young athlete’s dedication, talent, and the unwavering support she receives from both the cricketing fraternity and the political leadership of her home state. As Uma sets her sights on the challenges that lie ahead, her journey serves as an inspiring tale, illustrating the transformative power of passion, skill, and collective encouragement in the pursuit of sporting excellence.

Uma Chetry,s  Perosal Life 

Uma Chetry’s deep-seated love for cricket blossomed at a tender age in Bokakhat, a charming town nestled in Assam’s Golaghat district. Even in her early childhood, Uma exhibited a profound interest in the sport. While her older siblings engaged in spirited cricket matches on the village roads, Uma mimicked their moves by playing indoors. Equipped with a makeshift bat crafted from a simple stick, she demonstrated remarkable skill, effortlessly sending round potatoes whizzing past unsuspecting family members.

This early enthusiasm did not go unnoticed, and at the tender age of three, Uma’s mother, Dipa, recognized her daughter’s budding talent and purchased a plastic bat and ball, laying the foundation for her cricketing journey. Uma transformed her passion into a daily ritual, dedicating herself to rigorous practice to refine her skills and fortify her determination. However, Uma’s path to success was not without its hurdles.

Her family, comprised of four brothers, encountered financial difficulties, with her father toiling as a small-time farmer. Despite these economic constraints, Dipa, Uma’s mother, provided unwavering support, becoming the backbone of Uma’s cricketing aspirations. In the face of societal norms that questioned Uma’s decision to play with boys, Dipa stood firm, encouraging her daughter to pursue her passion relentlessly.

Uma found herself playing alongside boys her age, engaging in insightful discussions about the nuances of the game with her elder brothers. Dipa ensured that Uma received the necessary backing from her parents, steadfastly refusing to let societal expectations hinder her daughter’s dreams. In this supportive environment, Uma’s cricketing journey took root and began to flourish.

The narrative of Uma Chetry’s early life is a testament to the transformative power of encouragement and familial support. Despite financial constraints, Uma’s talent and determination, coupled with her mother’s unwavering backing, propelled her forward. This foundation laid the groundwork for Uma’s future success in cricket, setting the stage for her remarkable journey from a small town in Assam to the national stage.

Uma’s story reflects not only the challenges she overcame but also the resilience and fortitude required to break through societal barriers. It is a narrative of a young girl’s passion, nurtured by a supportive family, transcending economic limitations and defying gender stereotypes. Uma Chetry’s early experiences illuminate the potential that lies within individuals when provided with the right encouragement, irrespective of their background or circumstances.

Achievements and Recognition and Uma Chetry Networth 

Uma Chetry’s journey in the realm of cricket is a tale of resilience, skill, and determination that has captured the attention of cricket enthusiasts and admirers alike. It was not long before her innate talent drew the gaze of Ajoy Sarma, the treasurer of the Golaghat District Sports Association. Witnessing Uma fearlessly engaging in cricket alongside older boys, Sarma was quick to recognize her determination and competitive spirit. Impressed by her skills, he took it upon himself to advocate for her, ensuring that Uma’s cricketing prowess would not go unnoticed.

This pivotal moment marked the beginning of Uma’s formal cricketing journey. Sarma, impressed by her commitment, brought Uma to the attention of the Assam Cricket Association, setting the stage for her to step onto a larger platform. In 2017, Uma earned a coveted spot in the Assam state team, marking a significant milestone in her burgeoning career. Undeterred by the challenges that lay ahead, she embraced every opportunity that came her way.

Uma’s performances in domestic matches spoke volumes about her cricketing acumen. Consistently scoring runs in both one-day and T20 formats, she showcased not only her ability to adapt to different formats but also her unwavering determination to excel in the sport. Her remarkable success did not go unnoticed, as it paved the way for her inclusion in the India Emerging Team for the prestigious Emerging Asia Cup held in Hong Kong.

The Emerging Asia Cup proved to be a defining moment for Uma Chetry. Displaying her prowess with both bat and gloves, she made a significant impact, leaving an indelible mark on the tournament. Her contributions were instrumental in the India Emerging Team’s success, further solidifying her position as a rising star in women’s cricket.

Uma’s journey reached another pinnacle when she became an integral part of the India A team, clinching victory in the highly competitive Asia Emerging Cricket Tournament. This triumph underscored not only Uma’s individual accomplishments but also her ability to contribute to team success on a grand scale.

What makes Uma’s story even more compelling is the backdrop of economic challenges faced by her family. In the face of financial constraints, Uma remained resolute in her pursuit of cricketing excellence. Her story is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and hard work in overcoming adversity.

Crucial to Uma’s journey has been the unwavering support of her mother, Dipa, and the backing of cricket associations. In the face of societal norms and economic difficulties, Dipa stood firmly behind her daughter’s dreams, ensuring Uma received the necessary encouragement to forge ahead in her cricketing pursuits.

As Uma continues to make strides in the world of cricket, her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes. It is a poignant reminder that regardless of circumstances, be they financial constraints or societal expectations, passion and dedication can triumph over obstacles. Uma Chetry’s journey embodies the spirit of resilience, making her not only a promising cricketer but also a beacon of inspiration for those who dare to dream against all odds.

Uma Chetry has risen to prominence in the world of cricket through a series of remarkable accomplishments and significant contributions to the sport. Notably, she holds the distinction of being the first cricketer from Assam to secure a spot in the Indian Women’s National Cricket Team, a historic achievement that has garnered her widespread recognition and positioned her as a role model for budding cricketers in the region.

One of the pivotal chapters in Uma Chetry’s cricketing journey was her participation in the India A team, which clinched victory in the highly competitive Asia Emerging Cricket Tournament. Her standout performances in this tournament, both with the bat and as a wicketkeeper, played a crucial role in propelling the team to success. This triumph not only highlighted Uma’s exceptional skills but also showcased her talent on a challenging and competitive platform, further solidifying her reputation in the cricketing community.

The magnitude of Uma Chetry’s capabilities was underscored by her inclusion in both the T20 and ODI squads for the upcoming tour of Bangladesh with the Indian women’s cricket team. This selection is a testament to her cricketing prowess and stands as a significant acknowledgment of her untapped potential. Uma’s journey in cricket has been marked by unwavering determination and tireless hard work, characteristics that have undoubtedly contributed to her success.

Uma Chetry’s path to cricketing stardom is particularly noteworthy considering her background. Hailing from a lower-middle-class family and grappling with financial challenges, Uma overcame substantial odds to pursue her dreams in the world of cricket. Her commitment to the sport, coupled with relentless efforts, has not only earned her respect but also admiration from the cricketing fraternity.

Uma’s story serves as a beacon of inspiration, especially for aspiring female cricketers. Her journey resonates with young girls who dream of achieving success in the sport, emphasizing the importance of perseverance, the courage to break barriers, and the unwavering pursuit of one’s passion against all odds. Uma Chetry’s resilience in the face of adversity stands as a testament to the transformative power of dedication and serves as a reminder that one’s background should not limit the pursuit of one’s dreams.

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