7 Most Affordable car in USA 2023

7 Most Affordable car in USA 2023

 1.Nissan Versa The 2024 Nissan Versa may be inexpensive, but with an inviting cabin and a generous set of standard features, it doesn't feel cheap.

Priced at $17,225 Starting

Mitsubishi Mirage The 2024 Mitsubishi Mirage presents an appealing option for budget-conscious new-car shoppers, offering all its models at prices comfortably under $20,000.

Priced at $17,225 Starting

3. Kia Rio The Kia Rio may not be the most luxurious car, but it offers excellent value for individuals with budget constraints. It boasts impressive fuel efficiency and pairs practical standard safety features with a simple yet appealing interior.

Price Starts At $17,875

4. Kia Forte "The 2024 Forte excels in value. This compact Kia comes with an enticing price tag, while also offering an excellent warranty and a generous array of standard features."

Price Starts from $20,915

5. Kia Soul The 2024 Kia Soul has garnered a substantial following thanks to its affordability, roomy interior, enjoyable handling, and overall lively character.

Price starts at $21,314

6.Nissan Sentra The compact car segment is highly competitive, and the Nissan Sentra distinguishes itself through its attractive design and an unexpectedly upscale interior, especially considering it's an entry-level model.

Price Starts At $21,315

7.Volkswagen Jetta The 2024 Volkswagen Jetta offers all the features one anticipates in an affordable compact sedan, including comfort, convenience, technology, and safety.

Price starts At $22,585